12 Jan 2016


Hi Internet! I've decided to start a new blog as I am no longer inspired by my old one. It's not that I regret any of the things I used to write about, it just no longer seems relevant somehow. I'm really excited to see where this new blog will take me and I would love to start sharing my thoughts and projects with all of you again. As part of my gradual re-entry into the 'blogosphere', I just wanted to share some of my current ideas and inspiration.
In my art currently I have been exploring the way we perceive and interact with discarded objects. In my project I've experimented with a variety of mediums to attempt to convey the beauty in seemingly mundane or insignificant objects. I've collected receipts, memos, scrap paper, wrappers, packaging, torn billboard posters and train tickets amongst other things, and recorded them using photographs and drawings.

Crumpled paper photographs

Transparent Head 2003
David Musgrave

Paper Golem no.2 2004
David Musgrave

Ham 2014

Tape 2012
Mauricio Alejo

A series of over-saturated photos of things I've collected

2 be continued...


  1. love this
    love love love this
    I'd never heard of Mauricio Alejo, thanks for the heads up
    looking forward to your new posts!


    This Kid Is Alright

  2. I love this so much it's so creative and different to usual posts!

    Aleks | www.alekslondon.blogspot.com

  3. this is lovely! excited to see your new posts :))))