1 Nov 2016

Recording movement

Just a short post of where I'm at with inspiration at the moment. I like the idea of tracing and documenting human movement and behaviour in a given space.
What causes people to act in the way they do? What happens to behaviour when a space is disrupted?

Gillian Wearing photographed by Jason Schmidt , Nov 2002 , London

"This photograph shows me stopping and talking to a businessman during rush hour at Liverpool Street Station... When most people are stopped in the street, they expect to be asked questions concerning a product, money, a survey, a personality test, or directions. To be asked only to write something, anything, presents a challenge and creates a totally different relationship to the person posing the question."

Guy Débord - Psychogeography

"The concept of drifting (dérive) is the wandering around in the urban area and the close observation and exploration of the effects of the psycho-geographical nature on the residents. Since it also includes the claim of constructive play behaviour while exploring, it is opposed to the classical notions of a journey, strolling or a walk in every respect."

Julie Mehretu for "Poetry of Sappho" , print
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